Return of the Philosopher King

The celebration of Holyrood Secondary's 70th anniversary, marked by Glasgow's Archbishop Mario Conti saying Mass and the mounting of an enlightening exhibition on the life and times of Scotland's first Catholic mixed-sex secondary, was graced by the return of no less a person than the Philosopher King Himself.

Peter Mullen, charismatic former heidie of Holyrood and dubbed (by himself) "Biggest and Best in the West", held court in the exhibition hall, as staff and ex-pupils relived old times with him.

But the scourge of Glasgow divisional education officers of Strathclyde days gone by has mellowed and his philosophy has adapted to change.

As he told one pilgrim: "I'm enjoying retirement - I'm 73 now, have 10 grandchildren, take them to the sweet shop, play bowls all summer and go off on cruises with the wife the rest of the time. No, I'm not missing the job!"

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