Review of 2008 - Quiz of the year

Of fake tans, fishing rods and anti-wrinkle cream

Michael Shaw

1. How did England's qualifications watchdog originally describe the contract with the US company that bungled this year's national tests?

a) "plagued with myriad issues and errors"

b) "generally sound, but with potential for concerns"

c) "a case study to share best practice"

2. What offence did a primary head in Walsall commit that led him to be vetted before officially being allowed to work with children again?

a) Collect three parking tickets

b) Allow his fishing rod licence to expire

c) Keep a library book for five years

3. Which of these was not removed from some school kitchens on nutritional grounds?

a) Marmite

b) Store-bought ketchup

c) HP Sauce

4. Why did Baines School in Lancashire request that girls not wear fake tan and arrive "looking varying shades of orange"?

a) Because it was "tacky"

b) Because it was "not in keeping with the uniform"

b) Because the school did "not want pupils resembling footballers' wives"

5. What did Chris Keates, leader of the NASUWT teachers' union, describe as "mad, bad and dangerous"?

a) A Conservative party education policy

b) Lord Byron's poetry

c) The NUT's national pay strike

6. Which of the these was not among the school-related productions at this year's Edinburgh festival?

a) Kiddy-Fiddler on the Roof

b) Ofsted: the musical

c) Beyonce - Stop Punching Robbie!

7. What proportion of teachers told a TES survey that they supported the return of corporal punishment?

a) A whacking 70 per cent

b) A thumping 55 per cent

c) A paddling 20 per cent

8. All the following were announced as future GCSE topics - but which was then blocked by Ofqual?

a) Action adventure movies

b) Humanism

c) International terrorism

9. The leader of which educational organisation told young teachers: "We would like to be your cardboard box"?

a) The General Teaching Council

b) The National College for School Leadership

c) The Teacher Support Network

10. Which of these computer games was the only one not to be praised by teachers or government officials for its educational value?

a) Guitar Hero

b) Buzz! quiz game

c) Call of Duty

11. Who said: "I'm vehemently opposed to the national curriculum or anything that is a prescriptive, formulaic attitude to teaching"?

a) Film director Mike Leigh

b) Author Philip Pullman

c) Singer Billy Bragg

12. Why was a television advert for teacher training banned by the Advertising Standards Agency?

a) Because it said teaching was "the most respected profession"

b) Because it suggested NQTs would earn Pounds 34 grand

c) Because it said teaching "beats any anti-wrinkle cream".


1c; 2b; 3c; 4b; 5a; 6b (it appeared in 2004); 7c; 8; 9a; 10c; 11a; 12b.

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