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IT'S SCIENCE SERIES. Full of energy Forces around Us Solid, Liquid or Gas. Sally Hewitt Franklin Watts. pound;9.99 each

Between them, these 30-page hardbacks address much of the science national curriculum for various subject areas (materials and their properties, physical processes) at infant level.

They are sectioned into bright, breezy, double-page spreads, with non-technical child-friendly titles such as (in Forces Around Us) 'Falling Down', 'Push and Pull', 'Start and Stop', and 'Rubbing Together'. Dorling Kindersley-style cut-out photos add to the appeal.

The series is ideal for children from about six to eight. The text is simple and minimal and there is a lively, well-balanced mix of description, explanation, good quality questioning (lots of 'What would happen if...?') and things to think about and do.

An active-reader feel pervades the books, which is boosted by the periodic 'Look Again' boxes that encourage the child to reconsider previous pages in a different light or with new knowledge.

Paul Harrison is a former primary school headteacher and a freelance writer and lecturer in primary education

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