Rich pickings

What stole on to the National Association of Head Teachers' website last week, just as the nation was distracted by Mrs Blair's reported remark regarding the truthfulness of Mr Brown?

Why, a handy new service designed to help all those highly paid heads to avoid lumbering their nearest and dearest with a hefty inheritance tax bill.

One in three households already owns assets over the current threshold of pound;275,000, the NAHT points out, and Mr Brown's measly pound;10,000 increase in the limit won't help. Best to think ahead and go for that inheritance tax "planning service" now.

Other offerings we noticed on the association's website include: "superior interiors", "take a month or two off and have friends around for drinks!"

(would that be the summer holidays?), "15 per cent off fabulous weekend casual wear for all NAHT members" and "pound;250 discount when buying your next car".

Being a head may be stressful and bad for your sex life, but it does have its compensations.

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