A rickety case for full fat

Semi-skimmed milk is for wusses. Just ask Margaret Martin, 81, who is angry that Lancashire council is removing full-fat milk from schools.

The move was designed to improve children's health, and was carried out with the backing of governors and health advisers.

But it has outraged Mrs Martin, who has drunk at least half a pint of full-fat milk every day since her schooldays at Brindle St Joseph's RC Primary School in Hoghton.

She told the Lancashire Telegraph: "I think it's a load of rubbish. We were given a bottle of full-fat milk every day and there were no overweight or heavy children at my school. Because we were poor, if there was any milk left we'd have another bottle in the afternoon.

Mrs Martin, who fears that pupils may develop rickets, has vowed to continue her full-fat habit.

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