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The right chemistry

A TES teacher poll paints a surprising picture of general well-being, with workload the only real bugbear of the profession, Biddy Passmore reports. Sue Learner talks to teachers around the country

Karen Millburn, who has been teaching for five years, is a science teacher at Dulwich College - an independent secondary in south London.

The 27-year-old is very satisfied with her job. Her workload increased this year when she became a form tutor but the compensation is that she gets to know a group of children very well.

"We do a lot of admin but it is kept to a sensible amount. We also have very good facilities and I know that in the maintained sector you can't use certain chemicals as they are too expensive but we don't have that problem here."

Miss Millburn says her salary must be adequate as she manages to live in London. She owns her house with her partner although the college does have its own accommodation. It takes her half an hour to drive to work and she takes at least one overseas holidays a year.

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