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The right chemistry

Industry and biodiversity studies were the main focus of the trip. Before the visit, the students visited industries in Halton, studied the history of the chemical industry and met the chief executive of Halton Borough Council. In Tongling they visited Tongfeng Electronics, the biggest producer of polypropylene film in China. They met the president of the company, Cheng Shengbin. Later they produced a comparative report on industry in Halton and Tongling.

The biodiversity project looked at what China was doing to protect its biodiversity and linked with our Year 11 science course. The students made excellent use of the botanical garden and the ecological centre at Tongling No3 High School.

A report was written and included in our booklet about our China links. On their return, the students presented their findings to an audience of 200 during a China evening at St Chad's.

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