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John D Clare

TEACHING HISTORY. Published quarterly by The Historical Association. 59a Kennington Park Road. London SE11 4JH. pound;45 a year for secondary schools, pound;25 to HA members, pound;15 for concessionary members.

Geographers have one - so why not history teachers? For our beleaguered subject, a stimulating and informative journal is essential. We need a vehicle to share our successes and develop our knowledge and skills.

Editor Christine Counsell says Teaching History will concentrate on the secondary classroom.

"Jimmy and Hamid are stuck," she explains. "I must find out why and shift all my professional creativity into finding a better learning journey for them. This is the enquiry that unites us morally, intellectually, professionally."

Each edition takes a theme - February's is raising standards. New elements include a briefing section, a page outlining some issue of theory or establishment, a section addressing a specific teaching problem, a topic outline and a letters page.

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John D Clare

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