The right foundation

Unfortunately I have to correct a factual inaccuracy in one of your articles. The front-page article on the new foundation phase ("Curb free play", TES Cymru, December 8) incorrectly states the ratio of adults to children.

The action plan clearly states that an integral part of the roll-out of the foundation phase will be no change in the adult:child ratios which will operate in the schools and settings for children in the three to five age range, where a ratio of 1:8 will remain in place.

A ratio of 1:15 will be introduced for children in the five to seven age range.

I hope that this letter will be given due prominence so that readers are not worried on the basis of misinformation.

Jane Davidson

Assembly member

Minister for education, lifelong learning and skills

* Editor's reply.

We were actually referring in the article to comments made at the launch of the action plan by Professor Siraj-Blatchford, co-author of the second evaluation report into the pilot foundation phase, who suggested teacher-child ratio in the three to five age group could be raised to 1:10 in classes with a fully-qualified teacher. We accept there may have been some confusion to readers.

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