A right royal challenge

Morale within the teaching profession is at a low point. This is associated with a decline in respect for teachers from government and the public. Any attempt to raise the status of teaching and to restore public confidence and respect would be welcome ("Profession seeks insulation from interlopers", 3 May).

Unfortunately, the erstwhile General Teaching Council for England (GTCE) emphasised its regulatory functions over everything else and was seen by many teachers as an external imposition that lacked interest in their welfare.

We must, therefore, ensure that any Royal College of Teaching is correctly founded. It should be independent of government, owned and controlled by teachers, and open to teachers in all phases of education in the public and private sectors. A royal college would help to galvanise the profession and raise aspirations, motivation, standards and status. It would also help to promote continuing professional development.

Deborah Lawson, General secretary, Voice: the union for education professionals.

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