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Right wrongs of junior writing

How I agree with Professor Colin Richards (TES, February 21) on pupils'

performance in writing being poor compared with reading.

In Scotland we put children forward for a national test at a particular level when they have been working at that level in class. The levels expected of the majority of our 10 and 11-year-olds in reading and maths are in the main attainable.

However, in writing, things are very different. To expect 11-year-olds to write reports, newspaper articles, instructions, leaflets, letters, posters to the level demanded by the curriculum is ludicrous. How many adults would be able to write competently in all these different styles? We have battled with this problem since the inception of the tests. Does anyone listen?

As usual it is teachers who are blamed for poor performance, never Government demands.

Patricia Wood

5 Kirkbrae Drive

Cults, Aberdeen

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