Ringing the bells for same-sex marriage

James Forbes

Congratulations to our Scottish government for resolving to bring Scotland into line with predominantly Roman Catholic Spain and Portugal via proposed legalisation of same-sex marriage. At no point has our government suggested that it would force celebrants or denominations hostile to same-sex marriage to conduct such ceremonies and it was encouraging, for once, to see all four mainstream party leaders singing from the same hymn sheet, so to speak.

When the Catholic Education Commission frets about how Roman Catholic teachers, among others, will impart this change in legislation (TESS, 17 August), may I suggest they ask their colleagues in Spain and Portugal how they have dealt with the issue? They may also wish to reflect on how they have coped since reformed denominations, with legal recognition, have removed all bars to the ordination of female celebrants in contradiction to the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.

Above all, it is time to recognise that, in our diverse and democratic society, other Christians such as Quakers and Unitarians, and even non- believers, should enjoy the right, under protection of the law and within the law, to live good and fulfilling lives according to their own moral principles, rather than by morality as defined by Rome.

James Forbes, Corstorphine High Street, Edinburgh.

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James Forbes

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