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Riots, buses and big game hunting

My best holiday was in 1996 when my wife and I visited Kenya, says the general secretary of the Headteachers' Association of Scotland.

We spent some time in Nairobi before going on safari. It was the year immediately before the Kenyan national elections, and we arrived in the country at the same time as rioting broke out in a number of towns and cities. At times, we felt we were the folk being pursued, rather than the animals in the Masai Mara. We saw most of the big five lion, leopard, elephant and rhinoceros (no buffalo), plus giraffe but talk about mistiming.

However, with my great love of buses (Mr MacGregor was a bus driver before entering teaching), there was another highlight. At that time, Stagecoach operated in Malawi and Kenya. When we were staying in Nairobi, I decided to go out one afternoon to photograph the local buses. The concierge, who was dressed in full Masai warrior robes, asked where I was going. When I said I was going out to photograph the local buses, he looked at me as if I was daft and then said: "OK, I will come with you." So I stood in the main street, taking pictures of the buses, with this huge Masai warrior standing next to me.

Stagecoach then pulled out of Africa, so the photos are now collectors' items.

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