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Rising star - Ruth Benton


Charleton Church of England Primary School in Devon, where she is head of teaching and learning.


Ruth has been at Charleton for four years and was previously a senior teacher. In September, Charleton became part of a federation with nearby West Alvington CofE Primary. Ruth is now head of teaching and learning at Charleton and is head of maths, modern foreign languages, ICT and early years.

After being in charge of literacy, Ruth was given responsibility for the maths department in January 2008, and she - and standards - have since improved. She is responsible for assessments and observing staff in lessons and carefully monitors and evaluates her subject and analyses the impact on children's learning.

Ruth is a very committed, reliable and popular teacher. She has a great relationship with the parents, and her bubbly personality makes her popular with the children.

All the staff are fond of Ruth and they have faith in her to run the school when the executive head is absent. She is a great teacher, a clear communicator with adults and children, an active member of the community and a dedicated governor. Her commitment throughout the federation process has been unrelenting.

Nominated by?

Rachel Perkins, executive head, says: "Ruth would make a wonderful head - I hope she goes on to take her National Professional Qualification for Headship soon. She is starting to realise how good she is and what a great head she would make. I hope another school will benefit from her fantastic leadership, but we will really miss her.

Thanks to the National College for Leadership of Schools and Children's Services for nominating this week's rising star. Send in your one to watch to, including 300 words and a picture.

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