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Robin Buss's pick of the week

THE DEADLY KNOWLEDGE SHOW. C4, Monday, November 7, 4-6am

Award-winning presenter Dave Berry hosts a fast-moving quiz in which teams compete for prizes from disc-jockey training to city breaks. But this may be a double bluff: not only is The Deadly Knowledge Show education rather than entertainment, but the subjects being tested may not be the sole aim of the exercise. As well as loads of facts about different subjects, viewers aged 14 to 19 should take away a lesson in teamwork.

Financial Capability; The Nature of Money BBC2, Mondays, November 7-21, 11-11.15am

A new three-parter for the What? Where? When? Why? slot, to give five to seven-year-olds the dope on dough: who invented money, how do you get some and how can you stop it all disappearing at once?

Money BBC2, Thursdays, November 10-24, 11.40am-12noon

More about the old spondulicks, this time with three new programmes for seven to nine-year-olds in the See You See Me slot. Once again, we reflect on what money is and how people used to manage without it. In part two, Wilma puts her money in the bank and takes it out again and in part three, the wicked taxman arrives and steals it all. Hey, is it fair to tell this kind of stuff to little kids?

Henry VIII BBC2, Thursdays, November 10-December 15, 11.30-11.40m

A new series for 7 to 11-year-olds in which we join the six members of the Henry VIII Wives' Club, each of whom introduces us to a different aspect of life in Tudor England, starting with Catherine of Aragon (religion).

Timewatch: The Gunpowder Plot BBC2, Friday, November 4, 9-10pm

For 400 years, we have been celebrating the defeat of the Gunpowder Plot and burning Guido Fawkes in effigy. If he had succeeded, as the computer simulation in this programme demonstrates, the bang would have wiped out King, Parliament and the Palace of Westminster. The film clearly explains what was at stake and what would probably have happened if the plotters had managed to light the fuse.

Egypt: How a Lost Civilisation Was Discovered BBC1, Sundays, from November 6, 9-10pm

A thoroughly enjoyable six-part drama-documentary about how they found the Pharaohs, starting with Howard Carter and Tutankhamun, then back to Champollion and Giovanni Belzoni. Then switch to BBC2 at 10pm for Dan Cruickshank's Egyptian Journey (this week: more of Howard Carter), in which the personable Mr Cruickshank chats about Ancient Egypt while tramping around among the eternal stones.

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