Rock 'n' roll swansong

Aberdeen's now ex-education supremo, John Stodter, retired far from gracefully at his end of term bash. A mere 50, he has been "packaged" out amidst controversial internal reforms.

And so to a little do at the famous Beach Ballroom, where the youthful Stodter recalled musical memories by establishing an old crocks' band, unkindly dubbed End of the Road or Old Boys' Zone.

The former director was on rhythm and vocals; Grant Bruce, Educational Institute of Scotland luminary, on drums; Mike Marshall, Elgin primary head, on bass; Alan Baxter, Aberdeen primary head, on lead guitar; Jen Sutherland, psychologist, on violin; and Jenny Lennon, departmental secretary, on vocals. Ken McLeod, the city's music supremo, organised the rabble.

Stodter ripped into a delicate little number by The Clash: "Should I stay or should I go?" and followed it up with the old Kinks favourite containing the line "Lazing on a sunny afternoon."

There was even a passing musical reference to the disgraced city music teacher John Forrester, who ran off with a pupil: "She was just 17..."

And then to a thought about early retirement packages: "I want money, that's what I want."

Finally, it was on to the Lou Reed classic "Perfect Day", which ends with the line: "You're going to reap just what you sow."

Now that's some way to go.

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