Rocking chairs

RELIEF followed England's draw against Nigeria this week, but spare a thought for fans in Lagos, who have had few opportunities to indulge in their favourite celebration ritual.

Deb Ball, co-ordinator of a sports programme for 10 to17-year-olds in Lagos, explains all in Voluntary Service Overseas' magazine Orbit: "I went to watch one of Nigeria's matches on a big screen at the National Stadium with plenty of cheap beer on sale...

"When Nigeria scored, everyone stood up and picked up their chairs. Everyone was screaming: 'Deb, get your chair!' I explained that hoisting a chair aloft was not part of English footballing tradition, when it was wrenched from under my bum and held over my head. Just in time, as the bottles rained down on us! There were hundreds flying through the air and smashing ... By goal number two my chair was the first one in the air."

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