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A role for schools in their own inspections

Self-evaluation will play a greater role in school inspections in both England and Wales under revised frameworks. The Office for Standards in Education's draft framework for England, now out to consultation, says self-evaluation will provide an important element of pre-inspection evidence.

Schools will be allowed to nominate an area of work, a subject or an aspect of the school for detailed inspection.

Inspectors will focus more on how well the needs of individual pupils are met; take greater account of the views of "stakeholders" (including pupils) and identify factors that impede the work of the school, such as staff shortages.

They will also evaluate social inclusion and take account of wider services for families and the community.

Most English primary schools will have "standard" inspections, "sufficient to sample the whole curriculum, report in greater depth on core subjects, and see a representative amount of teaching in all classes". Schools causing concern would have "enhanced" inspections. The consultation ends on May 31.

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