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Roman homes

At Home with the Romans has been designed as an easy introduction to Roman Britain and is aimed at audiences who know little or nothing about the subject. The exhibition, in Hamilton, touches on all aspects of the Roman occupation, including the design of houses that were lived in by the auxiliaries (who came from all parts of the Roman Empire), their food, clothing and beliefs. Classes can have a guided or self-led tour and try on Roman togas.

"We've received a lot of help from independent museums in Biggar and Lanark, which have excellent resource material relating to the Romans in Lanarkshire," says Rhona McKinnon, the assistant access officer for South Lanarkshire.

An education pack for primary schools is being developed and professional development sessions for teachers will be held this month, when they can learn how to teach young pupils about the Romans, using puppets.

Low Parks Museum, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, until April 30.

Tel 01689 328232

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