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Roof-rack loophole gets Higher Still puncture;Jotter

Things come in cycles, so they say. In Perth and Kinross, that is likely to mean principal teachers. And all because of the mileage rate to attend Higher Still meetings. Senior officials motor happily at 34.2p a mile while teachers chug along at a bank-busting 12.7p a mile. The classroom warriors are ending up out of pocket, so they say.

But there is an alternative - a hike in the bike rate up to 25p per mile. The council elucidates: "While employees should be encouraged to use bicycles instead of cars wherever possible, management discretion should be applied in situations where the use of a bicycle for business travel is likely to be - impractical; reduce efficiency or productivity; increase risk to the employee."

Accordingly, bikes should not be used for single journeys over five miles, combined journeys of more than 10 miles or in adverse weather.

Apparently, cost and fitness-conscious teachers are stacking bikes on roof-racks to push up their returns and consequently proving something about wheels and the Higher Still bandwagon.

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