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Room for 1,800 pupils - the primary that just keeps on growing

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A primary in the south of England has become the first to register more than 1,200 pupils – and is set to grow to 1,800 when it's full.

Official statistics published last week show that Claycots in Slough is one of only 10 primaries in the country to have more than 1,000 pupils.

The seven-form entry primary has become what is colloquially known as a “titan” school, and it has happened very quickly. Pupils now in Year 4 were admitted to one of three classes when they started in reception; in September, the school will have eight reception classes across two campuses.

Claycots, with its ​1,218 pupils, has already overtaken Roding Primary (1,186 pupils) and Gascoigne Primary (1,160), both in Barking and Dagenham in East London. The latter was the subject of a Channel 5 documentary entitled Britain’s Biggest Primary School earlier this year, but is now only the third largest.

Gareth Morris, executive head of Claycots, said: "We have an annual conference, we did it at Windsor racecourse; that’s where you notice the difference. In my last school, we’d fit in the staffroom. Now we hire a conference venue – and it’s still full.” 

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