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Rooney ruins parents' evening

As St George's flags spread across England, some heads are postponing parents' evenings that clash with key World Cup matches. They are under pressure from staff, who argue (cannily) that hard-to-reach Dads would not show up.

On the TES Staffroom website last week, Dumpty said: "It is ridiculous to arrange a (parents' evening) when England are playing. It matters not whether you or I follow football, or whether (as one has to suspect) your HT wants to prove there are more important things in life than football - nobody will come or want to!"

Amymaria disagreed: "If parents cannot be bothered to put their children's welfare and education before a football match, then they don't deserve to be parents in the first place. I expect parents to turn up. Football will not be accepted as an excuse." Blimey. Don't all rush to her school.

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