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Is the Rose concoction a good mix or a volatile experiment?

As organisations within the engineering community that work to support teachers, we were interested to read your analysis of the Rose review last week. Rather than downgrading science, we see the Rose recommendations as an opportunity to put science in a real-life context.

By combining science and technology in new and exciting activities, the Rose recommendations will enable pupils to engage with topics that do not necessarily appeal in isolation. It is our hope that enabling children to apply their understanding in this practical way will mean we no longer hear the awful words "I can't do science" or "I can't do maths".

We know from our own experiences at The Big Bang, the first national UK young scientists and engineers fair, which took place in March, that once engaged, many children develop a creative flair for science, technology and engineering. ICT in particular is one area in which many children have a potentially greater intuitive understanding than their teachers.

We hope that the recommendations in this review will help inspire the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

Paul Jackson, Chief executive, The Engineering and Technology Board; Susan Scurlock, National director, Primary Engineer.

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