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Rough Draft

Clare Dean (TES, January 10) anticipates an unpublished report by the Funding Agency for Schools on the provision of school places in London. She admits to reporting on a draft copy of the report, which was not obtained from the FAS, but states: "It is understood the FAS does not recommend how many schools should be built".

Whatever draft she has, it would not make any such recommendation, since the report only identified planning requirements in terms of pupil numbers - and certainly not in numbers of grammar schools, as Ms Dean imaginatively observes.

Even a "remote quango based in York" (keep it up Chris Waterman, the old ones are the best) would not make any such prediction. The report will be published in early February, when I and members of my London region planning team will be very happy to discuss its panoramic view of the metropolis.


Director of Planning, Funding Agency for Schools, York

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