Rover chief lambasts post-16 system

An industrial training boss this week attacked the whole system of post-16 qualifications.

John Berkeley, Rover Group manager for education and careers, told the FEDA Spotlight conference that the emphasis on whole qualifications needed reform. He said: "We have used every means possible to promote whole qualifications. They have a very important role, but for those in work, or available for work, they are largely inappropriate. I believe the stratification of learning into different levels is unhelpful. Education and training strategy in the new flatter organisations must promote more successful motivated learning and team-based working.

"We need a more flexible approach to learning, continuing rather than completing."

Mr Berkeley called for post-16 education to be placed under one umbrella, to raise the status of vocational and on-the-job training. And he warned against what he called "quick-fix, flash-in-the-pan products" to rename qualifications without reforming the system that underpinned them.

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