Row over all-white video

A teacher training video that features well-spoken, white pupils has been attacked as "crass" by a black superhead.

The Department for Education and Skills website admits: "Pupils in the video (from a Hampshire school) are well-spoken, white pupils from advantaged backgrounds." It adds that the techniques shown are transferable to any school.

But William Atkinson, head of Phoenix high in west London, which has children of 50 nationalities, said: "This is so crass." The Government may pay lip-service to multi-cultural education, he said, but the "fact that ... they would not pay for a re-shoot, speaks volumes.

"It tells you everything you need to know about the place of black people in this education system. How does such a video help teachers in inner cities?"

A DFES spokeswoman said: "The school is in the key stage 3 strategy pilot and was an example of good practice.

"Occasionally the department is reminded by headteachers that not every school is full of black, working-class students. These are leafy suburb schools."

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