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Royal progress

The much-admired company Wee Stories is taking Arthur on a month-long tour. After a year-long investigation into the many dimensions of the legendary warrior, the company tells his story in its idiosyncratically sharp and witty manner, a style balancing fidelity to the story with an untrammelled theatrical flair.

Andy Cannon, a co-founder of the company and the driving-force of much of its critical and popular success, shares the staging with the talented musician David Trouton, the multi-skilled Iain Johnstone and an all-women musical ensemble led by the celebrated Alyth McCormack.

Arthur marks a significant shift in Wee Stories because, although they judge the entertainment to be suitable for anyone aged over six, they are abandoning intimate theatres for the wide-open spaces of the Edinburgh King's, His Majesty's Aberdeen, Glasgow's Theatre Royal and Eden Court, Inverness. Call the theatres for details.

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