In safe hands

BAD luck Theresa May - named this week by Tory central office as the "architect and driver" of the party's bizarre Free Schools policy just as the boy William rolled it out to the nation and revealed it to be a mighty slab of Gruyere cheese.

It's always useful to know exactly who's to blame when the time comes for heads to roll. Still, at least Theresa's getting top-quality support, in the form of HQ's new education press person, Anne Wharton.

Anne was on hand to introduce herself as hacks gathered to hear Theresa exlain Hague's speech on Tuesday. In came rosy-cheeked Robin Oakley, the BBC's political editor, a fixture on our TV screens for almost a decade and the man just knifed to make way for Andrew Marr.

"And who do you work for?" asked Anne, a journalist "in the regions" for seven years before joining the Tories. "Er, the BBC..." said Oakley, "...but not for much longer." "Oh - where are you going?" asked Anne, cheerily. "I don't know yet," was Robin's reply, from between gritted teeth.

The election's in the bag.

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