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Safe zone after school

Starting an after-school club is one thing. Staffing it with people who can plan good activities is something else. No matter how much is going on, though, there will always be a place for at least one computer for children to work or play on while they are waiting a turn, or simply for a change of pace. If you do not want them exploring the web too adventurously or playing standard games, then Sherston Software's "Schools Out" is a reasonable alternative. It is a jolly - and safe - web resource with games, quizzes, crosswords, all arranged in seven zones, each hosted by a different child character. So there's Zak and his parrot Pluto, Cody the cool skateboarder, Asha, who runs a combined football and spelling game ("Loads of footy fun": you get the idea).

Because it is web based, hosted by Sherston, the content changes every day.

It is not expensive either - pound;199.95 for a whole year, for the whole school - and it is free until January 2007.

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