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Safeguarding St Andrew's;Letter

WILLIS PICKARD (TESS, January 29) grasps the main issue of the merger of Glasgow University with St Andrew's College. He reports Professor McGettrick saying: "Either we regard the Board of Catholic Education as mainly an internal matter for the university and rely on a resolution of the court, or we say it is a matter of national interest and pursue a new university ordinance through the Privy Council. The board of governors decided to trust the university."

This is indeed a matter of national interest since an Act of Parliament had to be amended to ensure the dissolution of St Andrew's College.

If the right of Catholics to Catholic education was seen as requiring an Act, why does it now appear to have diminished and require only a resolution of the university to ensure continuity? Without an ordinance granted by the Privy Council, what legal safeguard is there to ensure the education and fostering of the spiritual development of teachers for Catholic schools?

Two members of the board of governors currently attend the university court, but there is no guarantee of continued representation. How will the Catholic community be expected to be heard?

Should the university choose to act against the advice of the Board of Catholic Education on a matter such as approval of staff, the resolution does not safeguard the right to develop the faculty of education as the national Catholic training institution.

Catholic education is too important to be left to the internal regulation of any university.

Heidi Fawcett Chairperson Catholic Headteachers' Association of Primary Schools

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