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Saga babes have soul

Just to show that advancing years do not blunt the will to demonstrate, a group of Glasgow nursery headteachers recently brushed up their placard-making skills and assembled outside the headquarters of the Saga FM radio station in the city's Alexandra Parade.

There was nothing specifically educational about the demo. The women, all "d'un certain Bage" shall we say, were gathered to congratulate David Belcher, presenter of the new Saga programme "Soul Train", which was well received by the ladies. So much so that among the banners was one bearing the legend: "Dave the Rave, we want to have your babies."

Such sentiments, apart perhaps from being a tad indecorous for ladies of such mature years and respectability, and providing a significant challenge to modern medical science, even more surprisingly appeared to meet the approval of "The Rave's" wife Jeannette, herself a nursery head, and one of the demonstrators.

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