The Sailor's Wish by Bromley by Bow Centre Young People's Poetry Group

THE SAILOR'S WISH by Bromley by Bow Centre Young People's Poetry Group

I like a bit of wind

just a bit of breeze

Enough to lift my kite

just above the trees

I like a bit of wind

a force five or ten

Enough to sail the north sea

and not come back again.

This poem was written by two members of the Bromley by Bow Centre Young People's Poetry Group, aged 10-15. This voluntary weekly workshop is attended by students who were first taught by a language support tutor, Sister Helen Downe FCJ, at Marner Primary School, where English was the second language for the majority of the children. The work carries on with the current group tutor, Clare Heatley. The students' continuing interest and pleasure in poetry, their imaginative and bold linguistic approach, is a testament to the guidance they have received.

"The Sailor's Wish" is a fresh, charming contemporary nursery rhyme, written after two members of the group had crossed the North Sea to Holland with the Ocean Youth Club in force five winds.

Bromley by Bow Centre Young People's Poetry Group receives Stopping for Death: Poems of Death and Loss, edited by Carol Ann Duffy (Viking). Submitted by Clare Heatley of Closing the Gap Youth Initiative and Community Education, The Bromley by Bow Centre, 1 Bruce Road, Bromley by Bow, London E3 3HN, who receives the Poetry Society's teachers' newsletter.

For Poetry Society events, ring 0171 240 4810

The last of Maura Dooley's choices, which we have enjoyed this term, will be published next week. But please keep sending your poems to us.

Next term's guest poet will be John Mole, already well known to TES readers as a reviewer. He is head of English at St Albans School and has published several collections of poetry for both adults and children, including Selected Poems (Sinclair-Stevenson). His latest collection for children is Hot Air (Hodder), and Copy Cat, a picture book illustrated by Bee Willey, will be published by Kingfisher next year.

Send poems as soon as possible to The TES, Admiral House, 66-68 East Smithfield, London E1 9XY. Please give the name and age of the poet, the name and address of the school and the name of the relevant teacher. Poems must be original and should be no more than 20 lines long. Please keep a copy as they cannot be returned.

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