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When you move posts, do you keep your scale point or does the new school offer you a post at a point of its choosing? Also, what is the difference between a Teachers' Pension Scheme salary (TPS) and main scale?

The main scale has had many names, one of which was the TPS, so they are the same thing.

At present, the main scale has six points, having been shortened from nine a few years ago. After point six, there is the threshold and then the three upper pay spine points to which any teacher may progress. In addition, there are the responsibility points for management tasks. Although there are rules about progress up the main scale to the threshold, in practice, most teachers move up a point every year. The management points are job related and, unlike main scale points, do not transfer when you move school. Any post you apply for should have details of management points that come with it. There are different rules for fast-track teachers and for advanced skills teachers. Heads, deputies and assistant heads are paid on the leadership scale.

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