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Sale now on;Diary

HURRY, hurry, hurry - Hays Education Personnel, purveyors of teachers to the Midlands, announce their amazing January Sale (in a flyer to schools which finds its way to the Diary). Phone now and get super discounts on supply teachers and nursery nurses.

That's right - everybody's going Teacher Crazy. Primary or secondary, they're going like Furbies as Hays offers a mad, mad New Year rate of just pound;110 for a full day and pound;66 for half.

Yes, that's a super saving of pound;8 - not pound;4, not pound;6, but an amazing pound;8 off - for a whole day's cover. These prices cannot last.

Well, all right, eight quid doesn't sound much. Still, the Diary can't shake the vision of eager heads, dossed down in sleeping bags, woolly hats and mittens on tight, flasks of Bovril at hand, waiting for the doors to open.

Some heads remain unhappy. Bob Jelley, of St Giles county junior in Coventry, calls to say it's demeaning to treat professionals like washing machines.

We, on the other hand, are planning to ring round the other agencies to see if we can get a bigger discount, air miles, and interest-free credit until 2002.

Hays assures us, incidentally, that no insult is intended to the professionals on their books. They checked the flyer with their supply teachers focus group first.

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