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Poet and former California gang member Luis Rodriguez has been telling the Harvard Graduate School of Education what "respect" really means on the street. "See that child. Maybe he speaks out. Maybe ... they don't want to come into class. Stop, turn around, and see them again; because then maybe you'll find what's breaking out of their souls."

The transcript of his talk "Never Say 'You'll Never Amount To Nothin'" is in the current 'Research Online' at Research Online is the bimonthly internet edition of the Harvard Education Letter, which has been reporting on educational research and practice since 1985. For parents and teachers as much as scholars, the newsletter avoids jargon and gives a glossary for any technical terms it uses.

The April issue also has a focus on team-teaching strategies that enable schools to cater for pupils with special needs and an article by Adria Steinberg on the human cost of over-reliance on tests.

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