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Some fundamental work on the nature of scientific inquiry, as well as more everyday concerns such as how to keep Mr Poulter's tea warm are discussed in Sci-Journal, maintained at the University of Southampton's School of Education. The address is http:www. Mr Poulter's pupils at the Hugo Meynell primary school, in Market Drayton, Staffordshire, concluded that some furry material around the cup helps to keep the tea drinkable for up to 10 minutes.

Older pupils might be less inclined to worry about their teachers' comforts, and more interested in their own school experience.

At Sackville School, in East Grinstead, West Sussex, John Simkin has invited his A-level sociology group to describe their study of pupils' underachievement. The school itself has results well above average. But based on interviews with 125 of their fellow pupils, the Sackville group conclude that "not enough revision" was the single most commonly-mentioned problem. More detail, and some revealing quotations, are at Readers can email suggestions on future Internet Insights to Sam Saunders at

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