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Sancturary for fat whales

NEW term, new job. Heather Du Quesnay has finished her stint as stand-in chief executive in Lambeth and moved on to head up the leadership college.

So far, she has only got as far as Sanctuary Buildings in Westminster, but will decamp to Nottingham University in two weeks to watch the diggers clear the site for the new college.

The London posting meant she could pop along to the launch of the General Teaching Council and pass the time with two other autumn fresh starts - Professor David Hargreaves, who has left Cambridge University to become the Qualificationsand Curriculum Authority's chief executive, and Geoff Whitty, the new director at the Institute of Education.

It was at that gathering that Estelle Morris revealed the existential nature of life at the Department for Education and Employment. Apparently, that morning the deparment's computers' thought for the day was: "Did you know that the body of the humped-backed whale consists of 45 per cent fat?"

Chris Waterman of the Society of Education Officers is now offering a book token to the best five thoughts of the day compatible with DFEE computers.

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