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Sarah's story

Thousands could be in line for compensation after wrongly being told to quit the Teachers' Superannuation Scheme.

Sarah Poulson had just begun teaching at St Leonard's infants school, Telford, Shropshire in 1989 when she was approached by a representative of Crown Financial Management. Ms Poulson, aged 28, says she was assured that she could almost double her pension benefits by leaving the Teachers' Superannuation Scheme and opting for a personal pension.

Although she was not given a proper comparison of the benefits of the TSS and the personal pension she accepted the representative's advice. But after moving to Ashlands first school in Ilkley, her new colleagues advised her to get in touch with the National Union of Teachers and the union took up her case with Crown Financial Management.

Ms Poulson has now rejoined the TSS and the company has agreed to pay Pounds 15,781 compensation to restore her pension to what it would have been had she never left the scheme.

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