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Sats questioned

It is a trifle sad that your columnist Peter Greaves seeks to get us to approve of the purpose and function of Sats (TES, July 20).

While he makes some interesting points about objectivity, he seems also to have become over-embroiled, with the help of government prescription, in fully imbibing the politicians' message. In an educationist, this is close to being unforgivable.

It isn't just about how results are dealt with it is about the means of testing and assessing worthwhile knowledge, understanding and skills. Surely we still need to scrutinise what is included in tests that relate to these three key items in child- relevant ways. Hence, we have annual discussions on relevance and validity and long may they continue.

But let's not be as sadly assertive as Mr Greaves. For him to say "all education professionals (should) acknowledge the value Sats can have" is a terrible indictment from a working member of a senior management team. We have been warned.

Tim Peskett

Governor trainer and initial teacher trainer,


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