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A say on the new standards

I would like to bring to the attention of the Scottish teaching profession that they have until 31 October to express their opinion on the new standards for the teaching profession (see It is interesting to find out who is involved at steering group level and in the writing of these documents for teachers.

I was one of about 30 people who attended the third consultation at Glasgow University on 23 October. Most present at the final consultation were approaching their twilight years. I urge all Scottish teachers to read the new proposals and give their opinion about the revision of the standards. You have less than a week to share your views about your future.

My generation are delighted to hand over, after nearly 40 years of being the keepers of the profession, to the younger generation. I wish you a long and enjoyable career, as I have had wonderful opportunities and cherish the past four decades in teaching.

H.E. Cameron, chartered teacher.

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