SCET packages software for all

You will not be surprised to know that I read your front page article "Fury as SCET loses orders" with a great deal of interest and not a little consternation. We have subsequently been in touch with Aberdeen City authority who have informed us that the basis of their comments refers to SCAMP, our existing and outdated software package which we are currently phasing out. A principle which has been widely known and understood for some time.

The software solution which SCET now offers is unique in the United Kingdom in that it covers in two distinct variants, every possible software platform that an authority might use.

Our Windows and Mac variants are indeed based on Key Solutions software, but are tailored in Scotland to meet Scottish needs. Behind the core attendance and examination packages there is a whole range of over 15 software modules from finance and budgeting to school development planning and school library management, which are also available from SCET for our Scottish customers.

It is also worth noting that SCET's specifically designed and developed 5-14 curriculum package is part of the core SCETWorks solution. This unique package contains the whole 5-14 curriculum and allows teachers to plan their classroom activities around the curriculum.

In addition, the SCETWorks MIS system will be offered complete with a specifically designed SQA module, offering full functionality for handling all Scotvec requirements.

SCET is very much part of schools MIS in Scotland and we intend to remain part of schools MIS for the foreseeable future. I would hate any misleading article or misleading local government paper to give anyone a different impression.

This is a time of enormous change both in local government and education in Scotland. The strongest education system will only be built if all key players work together in understanding the wider issues and implications for Scotland.

I would suggest it is in everyone's interest to stop scoring points and get down to the business of making Scottish education successful and pre-eminent.


Chief executive

Scottish Council for Educational Technology


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