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School enterprise begins in the west

Glasgow and North Lanarkshire have taken the bulk of the first tranche of Scottish Executive cash to promote enterprise in education. The city has been awarded more than pound;3 million over three years and North Lanarkshire more than pound;2 million as the Executive launched its first six projects.

Argyll and Bute, Dundee, East Ayrshire and East Renfrewshire are the others to benefit from the pound;8.3 million initial investment, which will eventually total pound;40 million and involve all authorities.

Leading politicians and entrepreneurs, such as Tom Hunter, the shopping tycoon from Cumnock, want schools to become the bedrock of future capitalist enterprise and are backing teachers to stimulate a plethora of activities from mini-businesses to more vocationally based courses for pupils beyond S3.

Announcing the handout, Jim Wallace, Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning, said there was an urgent need to change attitudes if Scotland was to see long-term economic growth.

"Our enterprise in education strategy - Determined to Succeed - recognises that the best way to start making these changes is in the classroom. We need a fundamental shift in thinking - encouraging young people to have a go, to take sensible risks, and not be discouraged by initial failure but see it as a platform for future success," Mr Wallace said.

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