A-levels Results, News and Analysis 2016

A-level results for 2016 are out, and we’ve pulled together everything you need for results day and beyond. Whether you want the details of this year's results and to find out about the latest exam reforms and the future of assessment policy, or you’re looking for advice on how to support your students or just get through the results period, we have pulled together everything you need to guide you through this year’s A-levels. We have useful and regularly updated features on topics such as how to tell your results day stories and navigate your way through exam appeals and the new grading system. You can also read the latest research on attainment, assessment and exam stress, and join the latest discussions in the forums. 

For all the news, views, resources and essential information on A-level results day 2016, we’ve got it covered. 

A-level resources

A-level (Post 16) Statistics Revision Worksheets

These worksheets are useful revision aids that include mixed questions to different a-level statistic topics. Solution sheets are provided.
By mohmahm

A-Level English Literature Companion

Revision tool
Periods of English Literature
Literary theories
Literary key terms
Common grammatical mistakes
By LukeHaisell

AQA A Level Physics Unit 1 - Measurements and their errors

This is a 6-lesson scheme of work for the Measurements and their errors unit for AQA Physics, but applies across all exam boards.

Lesson 1 - SI Units and Prefixes
Lesson 2 - Order of Magnitude Estimates

Lesson 3 - Planning a Practical
Lesson 4 - Doing a Practical + Using Graphs
Lesson 5 - Uncertainties + Errors
Lesson 6 - Analyses
By dathomson

AQA Further Maths Level 2: Need to Know booklet

Comprehensive 27-page booklet containing notes and examples designed to cover all the course content of the AQA Further Maths Level 2 syllabus.

This qualification is an effective bridge between GCSE and A-level, and as such much of the content overlaps with both A/A* GCSE and AS Mathematics content. An ideal companion to those studying this course, similar Additional Maths courses, or just wanting to become familiar with some of the more advanced mathematics they will encounter in more detail when they begin A-level Maths.
By thechalkface