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We’ve pulled together everything you need for GCSE results day 2016 and beyond. Whether you want the details of this year's results and to find out about the latest exam reforms and the future of assessment policy, or you’re looking for advice on how to support your students or just get through the results period, here you will find everything you need to guide you through this year’s GCSEs. We have useful and regularly updated features on topics such as how to tell your results day stories and navigate your way through exam appeals and the new grading system. You can also read the latest research on attainment, assessment and exam stress, and join the latest discussions in the forums.

For all the news, views, resources and essential information on GCSE results day 2016, we’ve got it covered. 

GCSE resources

Revision Techniques (Jedi Mind Tricks)

This little lesson was designed to show students different ways that they could revise for exams. As well as the main lesson it also includes a Diamond 9 which could be used as an extension or follow up. There is also an assembly version, which the link takes you to. I've also included a link to a blank lesson plan, because with the template each plan took about 15 minutes to do and could be useful for teacher trainees.
By james_abela

GCSE Exam Technique - How Memory Works

Produced this lesson to use with my year 11's in preparation for their exams.

Looks at different memory games to get them thinking about how their memory works - then explains how short term memory and long term memory work and how things can interfere with their memory.

My class really enjoyed this - both the memory games and how it applies to revision. They came away with a better understanding of strategies to use for revision.
By ellejayd24

GCSE Examination Command Words

Contains all the command words used in GCSE papers, specifically the new 9-1 specifications. Pack includes wall displays, pupil sheets and a card sort and dominos activity
By Scott Thomas

Revision Techniques

I can't take credit for the Word Document, as I downloaded from a different source myself, but the powerpoint is a great way to show and encourage pupils how to revise properly. Hope you find it helpful.
By Carkus

English Language Technical Skills

Mastery of the English Language depends on solid technical skills. Use these Powerpoint files to help students review important technical skills that will help them improve the quality of their written work. These files are from www.eddistutorial.com , a website full of information and resources for students taking IGCSEs, GCSEs and A Levels.
By DrEddis

GCSE Chemistry C2 Edexcel Revision Map (New spec)

A revision map for the entire C2 chemistry module using the new Edexcel specification
By awillis1986

AQA GCSE Biology Unit 1 Revision Posters

13 concise and colourful posters covering all of the AQA GCSE Biology Unit 1 specification
By donnamw

Radioactivity powerpoint for GCSE science

PowerPoint presentation about the the different types of radiation etc.
By hthomas1