General election 2017

When Theresa May announced a snap general election, heads and teachers across the UK asked themselves what the outcome might mean for education. Schools are experiencing funding cuts, a teacher recruitment crisis, wholesale changes to exam and assessment – and all the while the reintroduction of grammar schools has spilt opinions. As a result, education policies are impacting our children more than ever. All three major political parties have plans for our education system, and all have put schools at the centre of their campaigns, but are they really vote-winners? And will these ideas be translated into legislation? In the run up to voting day, Tes will be keeping you updated on all the latest news, views and analysis on education and 2017’s general election.  We’ll present diverse views on the latest announcements, cover the differing political standpoints and bring you all the breaking general election news to make sure you have an informed picture of what will happen to schools after the dust has settled – whichever party wins.