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To accompany the 2017 Sats, we’ve pulled together everything you need to know about the changes this year and how they are affecting schools, teachers and pupils. Whether you want the details of last year’s Sats results, the latest reforms, or you are looking for advice on how to support students during their Key Stage 2 exams. We have useful and regularly updated features on topics such as key dates and assessment guidelines for 2017. You can also read the latest news and opinions on primary assessment, and join the latest discussions in the forums. For all the news, views, resources and essential information on Sats, we’ve got it covered. 

Sats resources

Year 6 Maths SATS QUESTIONS 2 - 20 grouped topics

Using a resource which has all the sats questions stored on it and my own logical grouping of test questions I have created many word documents with the Sats questions reduced in size etc to save paper!! When you print directly from the resource I found it used reams of paper and they types of que More…stions could have been grouped further - which I have done. TES will only allow 20 documents per resource so this is set 2 of 3
By Govinderfan

Board game for KS2 SATs revision

Helps children remember genres for reading and writing in KS2 SATs.
By buttonmoon78

Y6 SATs Style Spelling Practice Paper 1

This English Spelling Practice Paper includes a range of spellings drawn from the spelling statutory requirements from the 2014 National Curriculum Programme of Study and relevant previous papers. Designed to look just like the real test papers, these practice papers will prepare pupils and will allow Teachers to monitor scores. Why not include one paper a week as part of your SATs preparations?

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By Helen Rachel Crossley