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There was a marvellous nostalgia-fest to be had in this term's series of Watch: Within Living Memory on BBC2, which is now out on video.

Within each programme, three separate generations of the same family go about their daily lives. Reminiscences from the 1930s and 1960s are met with incredulity by the 1990s set.

It may only be 30 years ago but the joys of television's Pinky and Perky, chips fried in lard and roller skates seem more than a lifetime away. And the pre-war homestead of this particular family, with its horror of books and fierce good manners, seems altogether outlandishnow.

There are teachers' notes, a video pack and a resource pack which reinforce the lessons in chronology and which will provide plentyof material for cross-curricular activities and further study.

Watch: Within Living Memory

BBC2 Broadcast in January

All materials available from BBC Educational Publishing, tel: 01937 541001

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