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Schools to have clear run at June

The Scottish Athletics Federation is putting pupils at the heart of its blueprint for revival in the new millennium and is recommending that club competitions are not held in June to give schools a clear run. What has been described by one coach as the "month of terror" is notorious for over-competition.

Peter Carton, chairman of the federation's steering group, said: "By using basic run, throw and jump activities during extracurricular time in schools, come and try sessions in sports halls and informal team-based competitions, we will introduce young people to a variety of athletic events."

Alex Jack, secretary of the Scottish Schools Athletics Association, said: "We are particularly interested in the moves to integrate the activities of the schools' association with the other athletic bodies in the country. Until now, young athletes have been faced with conflicting and sometimes impossible tensions between the demands of club and school. The new arrangement will lessen the pressure."

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