Ages 14 to 16

Turn an ordinary revision lesson into a "speed dating in science" event.

Ask the pupils to prepare in advance an ID card with some interesting facts about themselves. Divide the class in two, with half as the "dates" and the remainder as the "speed-daters". Both groups need to do some preparation.

The speed-daters have to learn the whole topic (such as humans) and come to the event with a list of relevant questions and answers from each section of it.

Each date is given three sections (such as the heart) to learn in detail, the choice based on areas where their homework suggests they need to work harder. Send out invitations to the pupils stating the date and time of the event.

On the day, arrange the chairs and tables in a semi-circle, give each table a number, and set up a board at the back of the room where pupils can post their final verdict. Greet the pupils with flavoured water, Ferrero Rocher and mood music.

They have five minutes to mingle and can only mention interesting facts related to the topic such as "Did you know the heart has four chambers?"

Then the speed-daters are given a score sheet and sit opposite their date and the timer is set for three minutes.

After three minutes of questioning, the speed-daters rate their date for knowledge and understanding and then move on. Provide drinks and chocolate throughout.

At the end of the lesson, allow pupils to read all the score sheets posted on the board

Khatma Bibi is head of science at Bartley Green Technology College in Birmingham, West Midlands

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