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KS 2

Assemble a collection of items made from turtles and find examples of the same items made from other materials. Discuss the sources of these alternative materials so pupils will see how the exploitation of the turtle could be avoided.

KS 3-4

Use the pictures here to develop observation skills and extend work on classification. Get the students to observe the similarities and differences among the seven species and link these to the features of the Reptile class and the way it is sub-divided. Construct food chains and webs using the information in the text. Remove one organism from a food chain or web at a time so students will see the possible impact on the population of other organisms in the aquatic community.

KS 5

Research the way temperature affects not only the sex determination of turtles but other organisms such as crocodiles and alligators.

This will give students a different perspective on the consequences of global warming to those most often quoted in standard texts.

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